“Your advice and ability to reach me in ways that helped expose pain and events that affected me was of such great help and healing that I cannot express the words of gratitude that you are owed. I have changed in positive and productive ways that I do not believe I could be doing without your guidance and support."



JUNE 2015




MARCH 2012


“So for me (through IFS therapy) it was forgiveness to myself for being human and allowing me the freedom, even to this day, to say No, I am unable to help you with that, and actually be secure in that phrase. Thank you so much Alan - I hope you have much success with this therapy - I know it has changed my entire life and I feel complete."  



MARCH 2015


“An expert in the field, Alan practices IFS Therapy with skill and compassion. The process has been fascinating; the results rapid and life-changing.” 





“Words cannot express the gratitude that my children and I feel towards all of the help that you have given us through the years. We will always hold a special place in our hearts for you. You guided us through our most difficult grief. Every time I left your office you gave me the courage to go on, even in my darkest moments when I wanted to give up. Your strength sustained me at my weakest point in life. For that, I will be forever grateful. Thank you sincerely."
“I found in Alan a counselor who is genuinely compassionate, patient & inquisitive. He genuinely cares about others. He cared about me. I trust him and am continuously grateful for him and the work he helped me do with IFS therapy. Alan’s effective use of the IFS therapy model helped me resolve many issues, both personal and professional, that I had run from my entire life. Before IFS therapy I seldom felt what I now frequently enjoy; the deep peaceful feelings of connectedness to people & the world."



MARCH 2016






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