Individuals, Couples, Adolescents, Children, Groups, Training and Consultation

75 - 90 MINS


Our initial session will be 75-90 minutes long. With IFS therapy, you and I pay careful attention to your whole person; your thoughts & feelings, your health and body signals, and your inner spirit however you define it. I believe that a good therapist rarely gives you advice or answers.  Instead, it’s my job to help you find your own wisdom, confidence, and courage to face and resolve whatever life throws at you, no matter how frightening or painful. With IFS therapy I will show you how.

90 - 120 MINS


Couples therapy is the hardest work I do – and I take it very, very seriously.  I will only see a couple for 90 to 120 minute sessions. That’s what it takes to really understand each person’s perspective and emotional reactions, and simultaneously, understand the stuck relationship patterns that we get trapped in.  I use the IFS model of therapy with couples. This method helps each of us focus on where we’re stuck, where we’re hurting the most, and helps us deeply understand our selves and our partners.  This method is powerful enough to help couples recover from the pain of infidelity, loss of a family member, chronic illness, or serious mental health symptoms.When I help you find and express what is most deeply meaningful to you, and help your partner really hear you, then you can get that closeness and loving feeling back between you.

70 - 90 MINS


I help teenagers with both individual therapy and through family therapy with their frustrated and very worried parents. I help teens understand and express their complex and confusing emotions; and make sense of their overwhelming experiences.  I help parents learn to slow down and really listen to their kids, and to be calm but firm when that is needed. Every teen, and every family, is unique. Most family sessions are 90 minutes. That’s what it takes to slow down, tune in, understand deeply; and help your child and your family find new paths that are right for you.

70 - 90 MINS


Kids bring out the fun in me. I am trained as a family therapist so I will mostly see your child and you at the same time. You are the expert on your child and you already know what works and what doesn't – so first I have to learn a lot from you.  Then I’ll get to know your child.  Children show us more than they tell us about what is wrong, or right, with them.  They show us through their actions, fears, play, drawings, and some words. We’ll look at all that together. I enjoy helping children with anxiety or depression, anger, school or peer problems, ADD or other learning problems, the pain and confusion of parents divorce, and most other painful experiences that unfortunately befall our kids sometimes. 

120 MINS


Sometimes, a community of people with similar problems can help us express, and learn from each other. I offer and co-host events that are a Safe Place for a small group to learn and grow together.

The topics and groups vary. An up-to-date listing can be found under events.

70 - 90 MINS


I am available to provide staff development, consultation, and supervision to therapists or staff groups. IFS therapy has always been a trauma informed therapy and is an excellent modality for rapid healing of the deepest and most persistent trauma wounds.





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