Helping teens and parents slow down to talk, tune in, and really understand.

Today teenagers face many pressures, and many dangers, in our fast paced world. They face the pressure to belong and fit in with peers, and the pressure to excel at school, sports, or something. They feel the constant opposite pulls to become their own person verses please their parents and family. They face the dangers of driving, drugs, bullying, sex, alcohol, suicide, or divorcing parents. They are constantly bombarded with technology distractions, enticements, entertainment, and cultural messages. They feel pressure to go to college, get a job, exercise, eat healthy, look perfect, be perfect, get a boyfriend, and more. 


Now we know that their brains are not fully developed until their mid-twenties. No wonder they often experience symptoms of depression, anxiety, anger; or turn to drugs, alcohol, sex or video games for distraction and temporary relief from overwhelming stress. 


I help teenagers with both individual therapy and through family therapy with their frustrated and very worried parents. I help teens understand and express their complex and confusing emotions; and make sense of their overwhelming experiences.  I help parents learn to slow down and really listen to their kids, and to be calm but firm when that is needed. 


Every teen, and every family, is unique. Most family sessions are 90 minutes. That’s what it takes to slow down, tune in, understand deeply; and help your child and your family find new paths that are right for you.





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