Certified IFS Therapist
Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist
Licensed Clinical Social Worker
  • Over 30 years of clinical experience.

  • IFS Therapy with individuals and couples

  • Therapy with teens

  • Family Therapy for children, teens, and parents

  • Group Therapy for abuse & trauma survivors

  • Men’s Group

  • IFS Workshops & Training for professionals

Choosing the right therapist for yourself, for your marriage or primary relationship, or for your children is a really important decision; so thanks for giving me a look.  I’d like to tell you a little about my self and tell you about the services I offer.  


I have been a full time therapist for over 30 years. I have worked with thousands of people, with many different problems, and clients from age 5 to age 85. I see individuals, couples, families and sometimes do group therapy. 


A few years ago, I left a hyper paced, stressful, corporate behavioral health clinic and started this practice so I could be the kind of therapist I always wanted to be. I take time with each client – often more than 60 minutes – so we don’t rush and we get to the heart of serious problems and difficult feelings. An initial session is usually at least 75 minutes.


My favorite approach to therapy (and my clients tell me is the most effective) is called Internal Family Systems Therapy, or IFS. I’ve had lots of training in different models and methods of therapy in my 30+ years.  IFS is the most rewarding method of therapy that I have ever found. My job as a therapist is to help you find the natural wisdom, compassion, and courage inside you; and apply it to your most difficult problems. You are the expert on your life.  With IFS therapy I help you find and remove whatever is blocking your full, beautiful, potential. 


I also enjoy talking about therapy and teaching it to others. I have been faculty and training supervisor at Milwaukee’s Family Therapy Training Institute, adjunct faculty and field instructor at UW-Milwaukee Graduate School of Social Welfare, and family therapy consultant for in-home family therapy programs.


More recently, I am a program assistant in IFS Therapy Training programs for other therapists; and provide IFS workshops and consultation for local therapists.


Most importantly, after 30 years, I’ve learned to listen and understand really, really well.  Even better, using IFS therapy, I can show you how to truly understand yourself, and your partner or family member, more clearly, and more deeply.

Please feel welcome to call or e-mail with any questions,
or to request a free consultation.





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